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Personal Protection Dogs and Estate Protection Dogs


for the protection of your family and your personal protection offered exclusively by Team Nummer Eins.


These are very special dogs that are selected for their natural protective disposition for the family unit and trained exclusively to be well surrounded and integrated in the family with children and people, ready to defend them when the need arises, otherwise just being calm, amicable family companions. These elite protection dogs can truly be the guardians of your home and family.


These dogs have gone through the most strenuous and rigorous training program for these type of dogs and have been submerged in every kind of scenario possible to be ready for any situation or challenge the family might be faced with who the dog is chosen to protect.



German Shepherd Breeders Michigan, german shepherd puppies for sale, German Shepherds for sale Michigan
German Shepherd Breeders Michigan, german shepherd puppies for sale, German Shepherds for sale Michigan

Now Available: Sarina: the perfect family companion


Sarina is an IPO3, breed surveyed female from Germany with perfect hips and elbows. HD ED a1 normal. She has been first place in several shows in USA and also been shown in Germany.


She is a large powerful looking female with beautiful coat and a very sweet demeanor. She is a very bonding dog and will do quite well in a household where she can be the center of attention. Sarina thrives on the interaction and loves the people she's around.


Info about Sarina's impeccable bloodlines:

Her Grandsire is the world Youth Sieger and Vice sieger VA2 Quattro vom Partnachlamm (IPO3, KKL): By no means a small accomplishment. He comes from a very established family with VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos as his sire and VA1 Euro Media as his grand sire.


Sarina's motherline is equally impressive. Her mother Pützi is a gorgeous daughter of VA Idol vom HoltkamperHof with excellent character. She shares her motherline with VA1 Bel Henry Dunieschenke, a son of VA Esko Danischenhof: arguably the best hip producing bloodline of modern times.


Pützi became USA 2012 Siegerin VA1 with best bitework amidst a very toughly contested class, beating several top rated German and American females to achive this title. See Putzi's page here >


Please give us a call at +1-614-598-7546 or  e-mail us if you are interested in Sarina.


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