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We have Featured moments documented when Team Nummer Eins German Shepherds have been a focal point in news articles, magazines etc. Below is a list of the most recent ones. Please click on the adjoining links to view the pdf versions of the featured articles. Starting with the latest and following the order in which they occurred : the articles have been listed chronologically for ease of comprehension. Please check back often as we will keep updating this list.


Vesta von Nummer Eins finds mention in the eagerly awaited Sieger Show December issue: first by Herr Peter Arth, in the judge's report as she finds inclusion in the "best protection work list", then by Herr Henning Setzer, the esteemed judge of the working class females, who also commends her for her bitework and then her show critique-

"Große, ausdrucksvolle, trockene und feste Huendin, Widerrist könnte noch betonter sein, gut gelagerte kruppe bei genuegender Laenge, Vorne gut, hinten sehr gut gewinkelt, richtige brustverhaeltnisse, Front und Schrittfolge gerade, temperamentvoll vorgetragene, raumschaffende Gaenge.

Besonders Herausragender TSB.

a:Geht vor. B. Reagiert sofort, ueberzeugend, guter Griff, nicht ganz voll, direktes Ablassen, Bewachung druckvoll, aufmerksam, C. direkt, zielstrebig, energisch, Griff wirksam, noch voller, sicher, ruhig, ueberzeugend in der Belastung, direktes Ablassen, aufmerksam, druckvoll in der Bewachunf. WZ 4/5"


TRANSLATION: "Large, expressive, dry and firm bitch, Withers could be slightly more pronounced, well laid croup of sufficient length, In the front good, and very well abgulated in the rear , right breast proportions, the front and step sequence is straight, spirited put forward, ground covering gait.

Particularly Outstanding TSB.

A: Forges ahead. B. Responds immediately, convincingly, good grip, not quite full, Outs immediately, guarding impressively attentive. C. Direct, purposeful, energetic, handles pressure effectively, yet full, safe, quiet, convincingly in the attack, Outs immediately, attentive, impressively in the guarding. WZ 4/5."



1. Impressions of the Youth Handler program and the Sieger Show, 2012.


2. Vesper is featured in the Oct 2012 issue of the Schutzhund USA magazine with her official "VA" critique which she recieved as she acheived her title- "The youngest female in the class has already obtained the IPO3 title. Vesper is upper medium size, medium strong with a very good expression and type. She has high withers, firm back, good croup, very good angulation in the front and good angulation in the rear, good chest proportions. Steps straight coming and going and shows a powerful gait."


3. Team Nummer Eins Interview: Dr. Torres sits with Team Nummer Eins for a conversation about the past and the future. This interview was published in the OCT 2012 issue of the Schutzhund USA magazine.




In the North American Sieger Show of 2009, we were unable to exhibit our dogs due to the fact that we were invited to Officially photograph and translate the event. Abhai was the official photographer for the event and Yvonne was the official translator for the judges of NASS 2009.

Impressions of the Malibu regional show experience printed in the German Shepherd Dog Club of Australia's Quarterly National Review in 2009.




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