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Lupin del Altopiano HD-a1 normal, ED-a1 normal.

Lupin's Photo Gallery:

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Pedigree &  Results



 Linebreeding - 5 Generations.

F-Litter Karthago (Forma/Flexi) ... 4-5

*- Breeding Cherokee Wölfen x Falk Wölfen ... 4-4

Fina vom Hainpark ... 5,5 - 5




Pictured above at 20 months.


Henrik vom Wolfsheim


IPO3, FH2 Angek.

HD a1 normal, ED a1 normal

Kinski vom Heidhof

BSP SchH3 IPO3, KKl1

HD ED a1 normal

Fina vom Wolfsheim


HD -ED a1 normal

Noditha Teufelsgrund SchH3 KKl1, HD a1

Phalko Weinbergblick BSP WUSV SchH3, FH2, a1

Cora Berger Hochberg BSP SchH3, FH1, HD ED a1

Sid vom Haus Pixner BSP SchH3 IPO3 FH2, HD-ED a1

Iron von den Wölfen


HD ED a1 normal

Rhea Vikar


HD a1 normal

Taira Vikar

IPO2, Angek. LBZ

HD a ED 0

Bauli Vikar ZVV1, KKl1, HD a1

Peggy vom Fuchsstein SchH2 HD  ED a1

Ångsbacken's Rosso WUSV SchH3, BHP3, HD ED a1

Mika vom Wällerhorst BSP SchH3, HD ED a1

Event Results for Lupin






Video coming soon.

Team Nummer Eins German Shepherds, Virginia