German Shepherds with a slightly longer coat that their "stock" coat counterparts are referred to as Long Stock Coat German Shepherds. They are demarcated by the presence of wavy tufts of hair in and around their ears, between their toes and a tail hair that is generally lot thicker and sightly longer than the stock coat version. They come in all color variations: Black & Red, Sable and Black. The presence of undercoat is a must.


The long stock coats have a very striking disposition and are in no way different in temperament, eating habits, general health or life expectancy than their stock coat counterparts. They are also allowed to compete in shows and get breed surveyed as of 2011. They have their very own registry in the SV and the FCI and they are also AKC registrable.


The long stock coats are in no way, shape or form 'inferior' to stock coat German Shepherds and are often preferred by some! They are an intergal part of the gene pool of all the prevalent bloodlines of the German Shepherd in existance today and make very happy, healthy companions.




Please enjoy the pictures of the Long Stock Coats on the right that we have bred. Most of these pictures have been shared with us by the owners of these magnificient dogs. Please click on the images to enlarge them.



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