My boy is so smart you just have to see it.  When he was dependent upon me I used to go away and call "Here" like in a trial...and since he likes sticks I would not say "sit" but would just offer it in front of me over his head and he naturally now I'm in this big field and he's maybe 15 ft away and I yell  "Here'' and he comes running in directly in front of me and goes to a sit to which he gets the stick...all the workers there were applauding him and he knew it...just strutted around the field with his stick like a king! Too adorable!

He is also very very confident...the type of pup you have to watch as he'd go right over a fear that I can see at all. I have never seen a pup that will dash across the room, ears perked up and give a bark because he hears a new person in the house (with the door closed)...that being said, he LOVES EVERY person....just loves people.  I have had him with several very good adult dogs and he is absolutely fine with everyone...

- Geri C., New York, USA.



CONGRATS for this phenomenal placement of Vesta von Nummer Eins in the German Sieger Show. It is amazing what command of the concept of phenotype and genotype, can do. Not just the functional, and aesthetic that most showline breeders aim for, but temperament. The dogs from the V litter are uniform not just anatomically/conformation but in temperament as well. I am proud of  Abhai Kaul. Her litter sister is likewise a VA in USA. I hope the interview I did for this couple would be published in USA magazine. Remember this kennel name and encourage and support both to pursue a Judging career for USCA and the SV. He can be a breed warden even at this point, before dotting his i's and crossing his T's.

Both Vesper and Vesta are high level. He exemplifies what I've been saying all these years. Breeding is not pure luck, its calculated. Consistency of results not based on CONNECTION but knowledge.

I'm probably more excited than Abhai because of this outcome.

- Dr. Roger T., Wisconsin, USA.



Hi Abhai,

Thank you for responding and selecting such a great puppy for me.

I am happy you liked the name Vasumati. The meaning unequalled splendor is very beautiful. She is absolutely beautiful like her name (apsara of unequalled splendor).

I will teach her the rag, the German  commands, and I can also do some tracking and  I hope she will like the ball for retrieving.  (I can build her drives)



Hi Abhai,

Enjoy the few pics I took of Casey and Valencia.  I will have to get more, as she was not wanting to cooperate tonight.  She just wanted to run and play!  Imagine that, a puppy wants to run and play.....btw after you view the photos, if you could not tell she always wins the race or ":fight"

-HEATHER D. & CASEY W., Kansas, USA.


Vicky travelled 2800 km at the moment she will not let me out of her sight .

She has a super attitude is is afraid of nothing .she has a great color and is getting redder by the day. She was well worth all the travel.

Thanks a lot for all both of you done to make this possible.

I think she is going to turn out to be a champ fingers crossed and a lot of hard work .

I will stay in touch with all her progress and will send you photos  once again thanks to both of you .



Yes, I like the way you refer to his expression as noble. That rings true. Yes, very accurate. I've been searching for the word that describes him, and you have found it for me. Noble. I can't get enough of that aspect of him, either. He is noble and wise. He has the uncanny ability to pierce your soul with that look of his. He can read a person's mind, I just know he can! He is always watching and evaluating. Noble, yes! Also, very affectionate and kind.


Hey AK! We just love him!

He's one of the most energetic dogs we have ever had. He loves to play keep-away with his duck chew toy in the backyard-- he can't get enough... and he absolutely loves the pool! Though he hasn't ventured all the way in, he loves to splash around on the entry step, which keeps us all very entertained. Hopefully, when Summer hits and we start using the pool, he will swim with us.

Perhaps we'll see you at the dog show!

- HEATHER K, California. USA.


We have decided that he received excellent care from you because he is very kind at heart. He is a trouble maker when it comes to chewing and stealing things. At night he sleeps with us through the night for the most part, unless he really needs to go out, and then he will let us know with a little nuzzle. Oh, another thing. For the most part he is not a senseless barker. He seldom barks.

He is very happy and well attended. Someone is always home for the most part, so he has almost constant companionship. For now just one dog is working out well.

In time we will get another dog from you. The other trait that we have noticed about Wally is that although he is very lively, he is also a classy gentleman. He is not mean, but one time the gardeners were here and he was up to the job of protection. He has become familiar with all of our property (loves to chase rabbits) and is ready to defend it and us.

Well I could go on about the wonderful attributes of Wally. We really love him. Take Care.

- CYNTHIA K., California, USA.


Hello Abhai, I would like to tell you that Werewolf got RCC and Best GSD puppy and Reserve best puppy in show.

In the Indian Sieger Show, Werewolf got VP6 in the puppy class. He was originally called out at third but there was no one to call him in the fast round so he finished 6th out of the total 22 dogs in his class. He is maturing well and he sleeps with me in my room. He is truly my joy.



Hello Abhai. Xena has turned out to be a fantastic female. Thank you! She has an excellent temperament and is the most energetic dog that i have had so far! She is so attached to me that she doesn’t let anyone come near me. I am currently doing her obedience with her and she is catching on very well.

-ANISH N.,  Mumbai, India.


Ike is doing fine we are going to a club this Sat, to work Ike to see if we can get him ready for his Schutzhund titles if the sun comes out . Ike, sleeping on the couch and our cat is safe and sound. He loves to round up the horses and herd them to the barn all the time!

-JEFF H., Tennessee, USA.


Just had to share these pictures of Ursula with you. She is just an amazing dog! She has become such a big part of my life and we have a very close relationship. Please let me know when you come to Ohio so we could meet!

-Virginia H., Ohio, USA.




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